Nazaro Majapahit Investment Ltd has well knowledge expertise in business sectors such as:

  1. Energy Sectors
  2. Natural Resources
  3. Financial Services (Stock Markets, Money Markets and Banking Instruments)
  4. Manufacture Industries
  5. Other Services Sectors.



Energy Sectors


Natural Resources


Financial Services


Manufacture Industries


Other Services Sectors




Nazaro Majapahit Investment are highly committed to do positive impact to society. Nazaro Majapahit Investment are focuses in Corporate Social Responsibility in two major areas, including:

  1. We focused on regularly financial contributions to ANTASENA FOUNDATION. The foundation who focused on education especially in managing boarding schools for orphans and build shelters for homeless.
  1. Nazaro Majapahit Investment Ltd contributes to help educate people and give scholarships for people who want to continue their education through college.

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