About Us


Nazaro Majapahit Investment Ltd is an international private equity corporation. The company established since 2019. Its headquarters in Nicosia, in the heart of Republic of Cyprus. As parts of European based company, we aim to create a better world and a better future by setting up sustainable businesses all over the world. Nazaro Majapahit Investment Ltd operates globally especially in Region of Europe and Asia. Our purpose is to become top global investment company in the world and make a legacy in economics for next generations.


MAJAPAHIT was an empire which exist in Southeast Asia and reached its peak during 12-15 AD. The empire existence is consist area more than >90 regions from Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes, Mollucan Islands,  to New Guinea (The area of present-day known as Indonesia), Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, southern Thailand, East Timor, southwestern Philippines.


The empire capital was known as Trowulan (Present day East Java, Indonesia). Many historians expert have stated that Majapahit Empire was important figure for trade and shipping during that era. By using phrase of “MAJAPAHIT” as our foundation, Nazaro Majapahit Investment Ltd wants to accomplish same achievement as MAJAPAHIT and become a sentral and important economic player by leaving legacy to the next generations.



Our mission is to deliver superior returns by supporting start-up, potential, niche-leading companies and taking them to next level through vast modern era in transforming them to become a highly sought enterprise yet considered


We aim to become  top global private equity and financial enterprise in the world. Therefore, working together with investors across the globe to expand the legacy in all economic sectors is our main priority.



With more than 20 experts under our teams and more than 300 volunteers, Nazaro Majapahit Investment Ltd has committed to make all investment decisions and activities without any single failure. We promise perfection in every decision taken with attention to every individual aspect and the possibilities given from every investment made.



Nazaro Majapahit Investment Ltd investors base includes a number of  prime banks who operates in  Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Nazaro Majapahit Investment Ltd manages capital through its portfolio project and co-investment vehicles. In addition, a number of corporate bankers, also trusting us to manage their capital and portfolio by co-vehicles companies we already built to gain success and manage profit.


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